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Home Birth: DIY Labor and Delivery
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Fantastic Home Birth Video, about planning for natural childbirth at home with a midwife and birth pool in Virginia. It’s a beautifully told video birth story with an in-depth discussion of homebirthing.

I wanted to make a video about our own experiences of having two home births, but we were too close to it, and I felt I’d be doing a bad job of emulating a RyanIsHungry video.

So I was very happy when Ryanne & Jay told me that they were making a video about their friends Katherine & Todd having a home birth – they’re by far the best people for the job. This is it – and it’s fantastic. I hope a lot of parents and professionals find it and use it. Kate and I have a cameo via video chat about halfway through.

Their original post of this home birth video is here, where you can read the accompanying text and leave comments.

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Twittervlog Guide To Videoblogs Episode 1 – Regular Weekly Shows

8 Nov: I’ve cut down my links to make them quicker. Thanks for all the feedback. After several reshoots, I think I’m finding the right style for this, now – like my old FatGirlInOhio videos in 2005.

I call it a review show – but really it’s just unadulterated praise. A guide to stuff I love. Please add your own more informed and balanced thoughts and recommendations in the comments.

I talk about – and include episodes from:

(can’t believe I didn’t mention Steve and Zadi)

(can’t believe I didn’t mention Lexi)

(can’t believe I didn’t mention the Helium Tapes)

(can’t believe I didn’t mention Quirk and Nelson)

(can’t believe I didn’t playlist Sunyatta)

and my previous RyanIsHungry playlist is here

(damn, remembering everything you’re supposed to mention in 1-2 minutes is hard)

Podcast/Download file link (iPod/iPhone compatible)

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RAAAcast Introduction to Videoblogging Month – Vlomo08 Day 2

This is a quick video to show you how to easily watch all the amazing personal videos and video art being made every day for VloMo08 – Videoblogging Month – November 2008

Have I missed anything? Anything I haven’t made clear? Anything you’d add? Tell me in the comments.

Watch it all at:

And play in Vimeo at:

My videoblog:

Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v), Flash Video (.flv)

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My RyanIsHungry.com Mixtape For Change

When Obama wins, it’ll be the result of a great surge of enthusiasm for change. Then there’ll be a short window of opportunity when anything will seem possible and everyone will feel motivated. But it’s up to us to make those changes happen – and most of the time we’re immediately stopped dead by our own fear that change is too difficult.

The thing I *love* about Ryan Is Hungry videos is that they’re about ordinary people showing us how to make big and small changes – environmental, political and economic. It’s inspiring to see how possible it is.

But instead of just sending you off there – knowing that most of you wouldn’t click the link – I thought I’d make a playlist of some of my favourites to give you a taste.

Browse the episodes on the right of the player, and then visit RyanIsHungry.com

Click the TV screen at the bottom of the player to watch in Full Screen.

I created this by making a Playlist and creating my own Show Player at Blip.tv


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NaVloPoMo – The End :(

I feel sad that this is over.

I feel sad that I didn't complete it in the way that I'd planned. Even though I never planned to.

But much more than that, I feel like laughing out loud for everyone else. All those who took part in just a little bit of it, those who got through most or almost all of it, and those who did it every day, within the deadline. A film every day for a month. That's so great.

We want to do a screening. And have a site. And record this somewhere so it isn't lost.

What have we learned? 🙂

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)
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Seesmic – Video Conversations

Not the most interesting post for some of you, as it’s about the features on a new video sharing site that only a limited number of people have access to. Sorry. Tomorrow might be better 🙂

I’ve been playing with Seesmic for the first time today.

(I got an invite after emailing the guy in charge a few weeks ago)

In my intro to the NaVloPoMo group about how we’d cope with trying to post video every day in November, I said that I thought any online video counted, no matter how it was recorded or published… so I’m going to follow my own advice and just publish the video conversation I’ve had on Seesmic today.

I’ve linked to the public versions of the videos, below. i.e. You can still see them, even if you don’t have a Seesmic account. But if you don’t have a Seesmic account, you just can’t get involved, reply or go anywhere else in Seesmic from these links. So you have to click on each link in turn. Which is a drag, but I guess it’ll open out before long.

The thing is, you can see how a video conversation can develop easily with this tool.

These links open in new window/tabs:

This is my original post, called “My first proper Seesmic: get mobile, Seesmic”

And below are the following short replies, all within a short time of each other, which develop into a conversation of sorts, where people are referencing each other’s replies. They’re quite quick, and you can see how this could get a) addictive and b) interesting, particularly if these people can use video to talk and show things beyond the confines of their desk.

Christian’s reply

Clint’s reply

Deek’s reply

Mike’s reply

Mike’s follow up saying that half the above video was lost

My reply to all of them

Adam’s reply

My reply to Adam and Mike

Nik’s reply

My reply to Nik

If you can’t be bothered to watch them all, my point in my video is that they’ve limited it so that you pretty much HAVE to use your webcam to record – trying to use anything else is a pain. And yet it would be SO EASY (and free) for them to change this – so that you could film outside with your regular camera and then just upload the file direct to Seesmic. At the moment, if you film something with your camera, you have to convert it to a Flash flv file before uploading, which is silly. It seems obvious to me that conversations could be more interesting if they were inspired by and conducted in more varied and interesting environments than just people’s desks/offices.

Hardly rocket science. But quite fun. And there’s a shortage of good tools to create video conversations. Damn, I hate that word. Why can’t I stop using it?

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Getting Things Done – lesson 1: Multitasking

Navlopomo Day 18. I’ve been telling people a lot recently about how intimately I feel I’ve got to know other videobloggers through their work.

Today I’ve been getting to know you all *very* intimately. This is me getting up close and personal with Gogen’s great post from yesterday.

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I made this on Thursday night, but my computer froze and I lost half my edit, so I gave up and went to bed. Couldn’t do it in the phone because I needed to cut Jeffrey in. So I’m cheating and backdating it to when it was really made.

This is a recipe Jeffrey posted on truthfairy.eu for Day 11 of NaVloPoMo. I read on Twitter that some other NaVloPoMoers have been making it, and I thought I’d have a go myself.

I’m not much of a cook, but as I mentioned the other night, one of my 15 failed 2007 New Year’s Resolutions was to cook 2 recipes every week. So this is my second recipe for the third week of January.

Jeffrey calls it Quick & Dirty Carbonara. Quick and Dirty. That’s how I like it.

Video Files:
MP4 / Flash

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After the wine

Damn! I posted this on Friday night from my phone, but it never arrived. Technology. I hate it.

This is just a couple of dark, barely audible drunken moments from a dinner called N0shit organised by Phil Campbell in Burton-on-Trent for a few UK social media guys – including Nik Butler (Loudmouthman.com); Christian Paine (Documentally.com; OurManInside.com); Jason Jarrett (ABuddhistPodcast.com) and Craig Marston (craigmarstonphotography.com)

Top. Men.

My N93 is terrible in low light – I have to start using another camera at night, like the Ixus I used in San Francisco – and again this is something that I probably wouldn’t publish if it weren’t for NaVloPoMo, I’d just share my clips among those attending. But here it is, including Phil’s explaining to me why I’m disorganised after that video last week. Also, this is the only time you will ever see evidence of me on the dancefloor. I think I had had a moderate amount wine at that point.

Thanks, chaps, it was fun.

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