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Not the most interesting post for some of you, as it’s about the features on a new video sharing site that only a limited number of people have access to. Sorry. Tomorrow might be better 🙂

I’ve been playing with Seesmic for the first time today.

(I got an invite after emailing the guy in charge a few weeks ago)

In my intro to the NaVloPoMo group about how we’d cope with trying to post video every day in November, I said that I thought any online video counted, no matter how it was recorded or published… so I’m going to follow my own advice and just publish the video conversation I’ve had on Seesmic today.

I’ve linked to the public versions of the videos, below. i.e. You can still see them, even if you don’t have a Seesmic account. But if you don’t have a Seesmic account, you just can’t get involved, reply or go anywhere else in Seesmic from these links. So you have to click on each link in turn. Which is a drag, but I guess it’ll open out before long.

The thing is, you can see how a video conversation can develop easily with this tool.

These links open in new window/tabs:

This is my original post, called “My first proper Seesmic: get mobile, Seesmic”

And below are the following short replies, all within a short time of each other, which develop into a conversation of sorts, where people are referencing each other’s replies. They’re quite quick, and you can see how this could get a) addictive and b) interesting, particularly if these people can use video to talk and show things beyond the confines of their desk.

Christian’s reply

Clint’s reply

Deek’s reply

Mike’s reply

Mike’s follow up saying that half the above video was lost

My reply to all of them

Adam’s reply

My reply to Adam and Mike

Nik’s reply

My reply to Nik

If you can’t be bothered to watch them all, my point in my video is that they’ve limited it so that you pretty much HAVE to use your webcam to record – trying to use anything else is a pain. And yet it would be SO EASY (and free) for them to change this – so that you could film outside with your regular camera and then just upload the file direct to Seesmic. At the moment, if you film something with your camera, you have to convert it to a Flash flv file before uploading, which is silly. It seems obvious to me that conversations could be more interesting if they were inspired by and conducted in more varied and interesting environments than just people’s desks/offices.

Hardly rocket science. But quite fun. And there’s a shortage of good tools to create video conversations. Damn, I hate that word. Why can’t I stop using it?

10 thoughts on “Seesmic – Video Conversations

  1. I tried looking at the vid conversion site you mentioned in this video and found myself overwhelmed trying to figure it out. One of these days I must get a web cam and see if I can get it to actually work with my computer. I have previously been unsuccessful with this.

  2. It’s easy to get carried away with that crap so it’s nice to read your post here and remind myself that only a small number of people can join in our rambling. At the moment I like the small community on there as it reminds me of Twitter when I first joined (a point I made in my now ‘lost’ video), but I’m looking forward to seeing seesmic expand and more people getting in the mix. It’s still in alpha so has some growing to do, but I agree that a real mobile solution would be nice.

    Then again I’m about to upload almost 9 minutes of crappy video – something I’d never do from my desktop. So maybe seesmic is just something to use in conjunction with all the other tools out there?

  3. The problem with small communities, like Seesmic and Twitter, when you first joined, is that it quickly outgrows itself as more people try it out. Maybe if things weren’t so good, people wouldn’t be tempted to check them out! Utterz is right now where I suspect Twitter must have been when you first joined. And of course Seesmic is a closed circle because it’s by invitation only.

  4. achieves much of what Rupert seeks, I’ve been trying it out with my N93 and it works:

    Shoot a video, or stills, instant upload, all from the N93.
    Multi-media chat
    More extensive editing of your “channel” and “shows” back on the desktop computer.

    John (woohoo, I finally got an N93) Leeke

  5. I seen Nik (loudmouthman) before, when he used to post vids on scobles channel and I think you can upload video straight from you camera phone (well at least that is what it seems robert was doing) but I think you have to be in the U.S. to do it. Damn my grammars bad….

  6. what more i can say .. video conferencing has moved Social neworking in to next level.According to me i cant wait to see new updates in video conferencing technology where people can actually sense too over video conferencing.

  7. I always try to leave a comment. Sometimes I might go to a blog and it’s all advertising and a product I’m not interested in, so I don’t say anything, but otherwise I try to leave a comment. If you don’t leave comments, how are you ever going to meet people? On my other blog, I’ve made some wonderful friends because of visits and commenting.

  8. About six months I witness the wonder of videoconferencing when I was asked to deliver my lecture from my university to a high school via video conferencing. First I was thinking it was just a camera recording my lecture and will make the necessary editing to show the high school students but later I realized that I was interacting with the students live. Great technology

  9. Since we are facing problems of global warming and other environmental issues it is best that we try to reduce activities that can harm the environment. Besides, planting more trees and plants, we should also use technologies that are environmental friendly. Video conferencing is one of the approaches to help protect the environment.

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