NaVloPoMo – The End :(

I feel sad that this is over.

I feel sad that I didn't complete it in the way that I'd planned. Even though I never planned to.

But much more than that, I feel like laughing out loud for everyone else. All those who took part in just a little bit of it, those who got through most or almost all of it, and those who did it every day, within the deadline. A film every day for a month. That's so great.

We want to do a screening. And have a site. And record this somewhere so it isn't lost.

What have we learned? 🙂

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

17 thoughts on “NaVloPoMo – The End :(

  1. A talking head or a ride on the subway or slow motion of people walking; sound, music, or voices; scripted or not; its film and its art and most importantly its life. Screw ’em who says otherwise.

    This is only the beginning…

  2. Are you kidding me? We wouldn’t even have DONE IT if it weren’t for you! You our our instigator, our fearless leader, our video pied piper, our cheerleader, our publicist. Our hero!

    I don’t give a damn if you never make another car driving to Star Wars music video. And it doesn’t matter that you didn’t post every day, you did what you could, and that was the game.

    I’d love nothing better than to see you pattering on about your life to your camera.

    When is this screening? I want to come. I want to help out with whatever archival site you and others have got in mind.

    Ah, Ru, I dearly love you and your beautiful family.

  3. And another thing, how is it that you can manage to be a muse of inspiration to so many and yet completely miss seeing the immeasurable value of that? I wish you could take it in, I really do.

    You’re my hero.

  4. Damn, man, you’re making me feel great about my performance! You, Twittervlog man, lamenting a mostly-done NaVloPoMo! I’m pretty proud of my having kept up with a bunch of you at all! I think it’s been a communal learning experience for all of us. Thanks for the idea.

  5. dear ru
    think you should read the eliot essay, what is a classic, again.
    and remember that to make an attempt greater than yourself means that failure is impossible. not because you won’t fail, in all probability you will, but because in such circumstances, it is the beauty of the attempt and not the outcome that is the determinant.
    I wish kate was writing about not knowing on my sofa.
    you’re so lucky and lovely
    love and miss you all

  6. stop being so hard on yourself!

    for me the important thing was taping almost everyday.
    whether i was able to post them that day or not
    well that’s another story!

    what fun we had!!!

  7. Looky here, let talk practicalities.

    Are we going to put the archive on Word Press or Blogger or Show in the Box or what?
    Are we going to keep in the date order created or by the threads that were generated?
    Or should we have one giant linkage to each other with new arrivals able to view and comment via the archive blog?

    Yadda, yadda yadda. I’m not letting you off the hook. Collectively we can do this. After you get some more sleep let us know and we will plug into the group mind and we will create a new form of archival video art blog.

    You know you want to. One more step forward into the unknown.

  8. Rupert, Rupert, Rupert…don’t make me come over there and knock you upside the head…. just be and I don’t know who said you “don’t make films” but they can blow a tree….you are making films, real ones, more real than most….

  9. every voice in your head if correct.
    you are a failure. wasted life. hopeless.
    hey, now we have nothing to lose!
    that’s my head.

    the screening is going to be awesome. let the videos wash over us.

  10. Had to wait a few days to figure out what it all meant to me, aside from the clowning… 🙂 – Let’s get on with the screening and the exposure, exposure, exposure of this amazing stuff.
    Thank you all for being so great.
    And yeah, Jay, we have nothing to lose. Let’s rock.

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