NaVloPoMo – The End :(

I feel sad that this is over.

I feel sad that I didn't complete it in the way that I'd planned. Even though I never planned to.

But much more than that, I feel like laughing out loud for everyone else. All those who took part in just a little bit of it, those who got through most or almost all of it, and those who did it every day, within the deadline. A film every day for a month. That's so great.

We want to do a screening. And have a site. And record this somewhere so it isn't lost.

What have we learned? 🙂

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My Office – the art of Getting Things Done

Yesterday, I asked everybody to show their desks & workspaces, in response to Cheryl asking to see everyone’s Junk Drawers. And I promised to show mine today. So here it is.

Two years ago, a friend gave me David Allen‘s famous Getting Things Done. It changed my life.

Dear Clients,
This is a work of fiction.

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Mad As Hell (6 minute rant)

It’s a while since i had a good heretical rant on camera.


Since I became a freelance, I’ve spent the whole time feeling I should be working harder, and worrying that I’m not making enough money. Enough already.

Vanity note: My hair’s not greasy, I’d had a shower and it was raining.

Also today (when I was feeling a little calmer) I set up a video comments vlog – see link at top.

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