They go up to eleven

12 thoughts on “They go up to eleven

  1. Ha! They ARE eleven! What’s the minimum age to get tattooed in the UK, Rupert? Nine? or did those come out of a cracker Jacks box???

    Who are these loud, youthful rockers?

  2. “Certainly, in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful. ”

    ROCK ON!!!

  3. today’s five minutes of joy alleviated the suffering of reviewing saint joan at the national. for this relief much thanks. but a question: before you started vlogging, the incidence of frankly pretty weird comedy capers that came your way, was it… this high? I mean I remember the mini running out of petrol on the way to gatwick incident. I recall you getting laid low by poisonous orange juice on your 21st birthday. Hell, we all know that odd events and rupert are like gin and tonic or london and rain or lucy and overly long messages. but… does it ever strike you as strange?

  4. I suspect they were crackerjack tattoos. I HOPE they were crackerjack tattoos.

    Luce, I don’t know. I mean, yes, life is full of that stuff for everyone, isn’t it? But if you carry a camera, your attention is drawn to things more it might otherwise be, when you can let things wash over you because you’ve got no one to share them with. It’s a pity I wasn’t videoblogging when I was working for London Underground, or when I was writing a sex therapy website with my mother, or in New York pretending to be Patrick Bateman, or when I was carjacked by a one-legged woman or chased and hunted by a San Francisco streetgang, etc etc… Click on the names of all the other people who’ve replied here to see the amazing videos they make from the extraordinary ordinary stuff in their daily lives. And you have your own fair share of weird shit. More weird shit than most people. Yeah, what are you talking about? *You* should carry a camera around!

  5. that is so cool – oh those little people of stonehenge – made me wanna go back and be a teenybopper again – wish i had a drum kit! and yes, its true what you say that things start happening more when you become more aware of it … like synchronicity and connections … but, Lucy’s right… you DO have more moments like this than the average bear! hurray for that, and for the fact that you enjoy them so much and share them with the world. x

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