Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

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For Lucy

Two things that have hypnotized and haunted me all week:

Music: performed by Adam Quirk
from standards.bullemhead.com – see comments for explanation

Image: on every phone box in West London
see also flickr.com/photos/ruperthowe

13 thoughts on “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

  1. jesus. I am going to have nightmares from those eyes and that spit between the teeth.

    Aside from that…

    Sweet diversion from your other vids. Nice work there.

  2. I wonder what it looked like when you were actualy recording! Some may think you were scanning the image with a strange device or maybe spraying a graffiti with invisible colour?! From the distance it may even looked like you were… you know… on the poster! 🙂 Nice video, I like it!

  3. Thanks, guys 😀
    Yeah, Dave, it was with the phone. It still keeps surprising me with what it makes. It’s so nice to use.
    Ha! Gogen – I love your mind. Yeah – I was pretty close up to it, and it probably did look like all those things… but the sick thing is, I’m so far gone with this now that it didn’t even occur to me until I read your comment that the people in the traffic line must have been watching me and wondering what I was doing. The filming lizard part of my brain understood that there was a line of traffic that I could use to film if I wanted to, but everything else was switched off. Spooky.

  4. I love your phone – I does so well – and your eyes mind is amazing to watch. I like to way there is a fascination with the object and then it is interrupted by minor yet equally interesting distractions – it all adds up – if you know what i mean.

  5. I can’t do it! I can’t leave a message!

    so I turned right again ru, outside the door. past the two parks, in which people were jogging without sweating in the july sunshine, past the dogs, frolicking and the ducks ducking, the smells of hot jasmine and flowering hibiscus and roasted coffee hanging in the air, past the rows and rows of houses three stories tall with floated glass in the windows and roses trellissing the doors, and in front of which, children were playing and where a mother’s voice rang out, I shit you not, with the immortal line: “no esme, you don’t eat the oyster’s shell”, and esme laughed and laughed at her own silliness for thinking that you might.

    and damn it all, it was unutterably beautiful. I want to see it. turn right. do it today. take the bikes. take the baby. film the other side of the street.

    too much love and thanks and general sticky sentiment for you all

  6. I don’t why but this vid made me laugh. I see that poster every day, and yet, at such a close range, it looked completely different. Amazingly good Rupert.

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