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Hi to everybody who’s stumbled here from Blip or Mefeedia homepages (or wherever) wanting to know about NaVloPoMo.

NaVloPoMo is (Inter)National Videoblog Posting Month – a lot of video bloggers and artists making and posting films every day in November.

The site is at – you can see people’s films there, and also find a list of their blog URLS and feeds. is my video blog, which I shoot, cut and post, all with my Nokia N93 cellphone.

This is a rather fast but long and probably quite inarticulate reply to an email I got from Josh Cohen at asking about NaVloPoMo. I just riffed on his questions. They’re quite good questions for getting you thinking about NaVloPoMo. If you want to answer any of the questions yourself, or if I’ve missed something, or you’ve just got something else to say about NaVloPoMo and about personal videoblogging, reply in the comments or (even better) in a video.

– How’d you come up with the idea? And how’d you initially share it with the community? Did it take long to catch on?
– About how many vlogs would you say there are involved? (I think there’s a list on the Ning site, but was wondering if that was extensive)
– Why do you participate? What type of people should participate? Is it for anyone?
– What’s the best part about it?
– How do your videos for NaVloPoMo differ than your regular fare?

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  1. You wouldn’t believe the rubbish I shot in black and white on 16mm 10 years ago.
    This was just vanity. I looked rough and washed out, and there’s a black and white option on my phone. Also, it gives an air of, um, verit‚àö?†. Ahem.

  2. Wow, lots of information packed into a little bit of time. I don’t think I could add anything to it. In fact you put some things into words that I haven’t been able to do when trying to explain video blogging to other people.

    NaVloPoMo is getting me back into the swing of creating content, I kind of lost touch at the beginning of 2007.

  3. great response! I agree with all you mentioned. another reason for me is that I want to learn the isadora software I have, so having a project is good for that. I can build little effects patches. saving it out & keeping the video quality is the hardest part for me. I like personal videoblogging also, but I don’t do this often – I show glimpses occasionally but don’t talk over or in front of camera. so this month I guess is a good excuse to try a bit more of that as well. I wish my friends & family back home would do it more so I can keep in touch rather than phone/email, but they’re not really into tech/internet as much.

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