Tuk Tuk!

This is a trip that @sizemore and I took on Monday. You can see his written account and photo slideshow at http://trustedplaces.com/news/?p=28, posted (ahem) the same day.

These free Tuk Tuks are being laid on in central London until Saturday (24th) to promote The Darjeeling Limited, the new Wes Anderson film, out here on Friday. Mike was asked if he wanted a ride in one by the PR company, and he asked me along too, because he'd just seen and liked last week's Visit London film.

Wes Anderson is the guy who made Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic. In my eyes, he’s a bit of a genius.

I've stumbled on the daily posting for NaVloPoMo a little, but I'll catch up again. I am astonished at everyone else's stamina and creativity.

While I'm in the mode of pimping The Darjeeling Limited, you should check out the Fox Searchlight US site for it. It has a whole heap of videoblog posts from the production (no RSS feeds though). They haven't put them on the UK site (perhaps territorial rights related reasons, these things usually are).

Oh, the Tuk Tuks are owned by our driver, “Mr Steve” who realised he’d had enough of his career in recruitment when he hit 40, went to India, saw some Tuk Tuks, bought them, shipped them home, quit his job and started doing this. That was four years ago. He’s living the dream, and he seems very happy with it. His website is at tukshop.biz (a pun that even Robert Croma would be proud of)

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Open reply to Josh Cohen of Tilzy.tv

Hi to everybody who’s stumbled here from Blip or Mefeedia homepages (or wherever) wanting to know about NaVloPoMo.

NaVloPoMo is (Inter)National Videoblog Posting Month – a lot of video bloggers and artists making and posting films every day in November.

The site is at http://nablopomo.ning.com/group/videobloggers – you can see people’s films there, and also find a list of their blog URLS and feeds.

Twittervlog.tv is my video blog, which I shoot, cut and post, all with my Nokia N93 cellphone.

This is a rather fast but long and probably quite inarticulate reply to an email I got from Josh Cohen at Tilzy.tv asking about NaVloPoMo. I just riffed on his questions. They’re quite good questions for getting you thinking about NaVloPoMo. If you want to answer any of the questions yourself, or if I’ve missed something, or you’ve just got something else to say about NaVloPoMo and about personal videoblogging, reply in the comments or (even better) in a video.

– How’d you come up with the idea? And how’d you initially share it with the community? Did it take long to catch on?
– About how many vlogs would you say there are involved? (I think there’s a list on the Ning site, but was wondering if that was extensive)
– Why do you participate? What type of people should participate? Is it for anyone?
– What’s the best part about it?
– How do your videos for NaVloPoMo differ than your regular fare?

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NaVloPoMo, Friends, Recommendations and Goats Milk

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“I’m the Dude. So that’s what you call me.”

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“…you know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino – if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”

This was the second throw of the night tonight, and the only one I filmed. I thought that trying to roll and shoot at the same time would be sure to fuck it all up to comic effect…

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Mad As Hell (6 minute rant)

It’s a while since i had a good heretical rant on camera.


Since I became a freelance, I’ve spent the whole time feeling I should be working harder, and worrying that I’m not making enough money. Enough already.

Vanity note: My hair’s not greasy, I’d had a shower and it was raining.

Also today (when I was feeling a little calmer) I set up a video comments vlog – see link at top.

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she’s always been afraid of this, before today. kids are scary, cool and smart, all at the same time.

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hey mo’vloggers

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I forgot to say – you can upload tags remotely on Blip by putting in your email body the word tags, then a colon and then your tags, separated by commas or spaces. So an email with
Tags: movlog,twitter
in the email body will tag your post on blip with those words.
That was one of the points of this post. My baby distracted me with her filthy mouth.

My Veoh Show

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