NaVloPoMo, Friends, Recommendations and Goats Milk

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20 thoughts on “NaVloPoMo, Friends, Recommendations and Goats Milk

  1. watching you from boston airport dude. i’m fucking tired. but you still made me smile. it’s nice to hear home. and i will do daily posts. i wont let you down.

  2. Hello Rupert, I am a dark evil bastard robotic dog and I work for the government, how the fuck did you know I watch your videoblog? Anyway, I subscribed to your friends feeds 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link love Rupert. BTW, you should try soya milk, it has a much less critical impact on the flavour of tea. I don’t know if you have ever smelled a goat, but goats smell EXACTLY like goats milk and goats cheese taste. It’s really quite disturbing. So… soya, or rice milk. If anyone else would like any advice on milk, please feel free to contact me at…

  4. I was just uploading my vid of tonight’s tea ingredients as I started to watch this. And, I mean… wow… what a vid you’ve made! Dark masses watching, LOL! Could be ppl around the world, could be half of your street… all of your clients? Amazing to think about.
    Thank you very much for the link!
    Also, a big hug to all Rupert’s lurkers! Keep on lurking!

  5. Well, I feel duty bound, now, to respond so I don’t do the rude thing and just lurk. I have to say that your “goat cheese tea” didn’t do much for me. I’m afraid the attraction of goat cheese has always eluded me. Adding goat’s milk to tea sounds appalling. But, as you said, I’m sure it’s an aquired taste.

    Now that I’m getting into this whole twitter/NaVloPoMo business, I guess I’m going to have to learn how to do this all efficiently, both making videos and postng them. I’ve been just rather haphazardly tossing things up on the net for over a year now, with over 400 vlog posts to Blip, but still don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

  6. I too am guilty of not always leaving comments. I used to be really good at leaving comments, but for some reason I just got out of the habit. I’m not sure why I don’t, it really doesn’t take a lot of effort. I know what it’s like being tired like you are. I survive off of a small amount of sleep a week, and by Friday I’m completely out of it! Your videos inspire me to make more videos, so I’m going to.

  7. If it’s this easy to come into the light from darkness I’ll comment. Looking forward to November. And I will contribute to the conversation as constructive as possible.

    I think vids like yours are like conversations. You are putting an idea, concept, statement into the heads of that group and some have something to say about it, others just listen and process what’s being said to react and comment another day. This doesn’t have to be on your blog but could also be by posting vids themselves or comment on a vid of another member of “the group”. So I wouldn’t call it lurking I would call it silently and sincerely listening and learning and probably enjoying the conversation.
    This is a conversation smeared out over time and over different places and “groups” that interconnect constantly making us explore ourselves and this new way of communicating to others.

  8. nice one rupert, way to really piss off the lurking masses…call them names 🙂


    good luck with the vlog-a-day thing. contemplating it myself. but I have 2 weeks wortk of material still not uploaded, how will i ever keep up with one a day… 🙁

  9. Another of the lurking masses reporting in. It is chris the acupuncturist on the wet coast in Comox. My wife just saw me watching Francis + Me part 1 and said “your addicted to watching him” which i may indeed be. Looking forward to a daily posting. saw J+A+VJ the other day and we talked about how we all watch your pieces in amazement at there wonderful honesty.

  10. Ruppert, what you need is a house with three floors so that you don’t have to keep nervously looking at the ceiling as you rant to us……
    BTW don’t be seduced by purveyors of soy “milk”, it is evil – stick with the goat and be true to your Mongolian roots.
    There are obviously a few of us lotus eaters on the pacific north wet coast lurking addictively – hi Chris.

  11. Rupert, I’m afraid to say that I haven’t even been lurking – just catching up now – should be in bed too – but getting addicted – yeah! It’s about time . . . Angela from the lovely-for-the-last-few-days coast.

  12. I usually try to post a quick comment if I watch videoblogs – it’s just I don’t get time to watch as many as I’d like to. though I liked what u said about setting aside a few minutes even though you’re busy busy & the guilt trip about ‘I should be working’. I think of it as my cigarette break as I’m a non-smoker. but those few minutes to watch something or check my email/messages are my equivalent to the smoke-break.

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