Tuk Tuk!

This is a trip that @sizemore and I took on Monday. You can see his written account and photo slideshow at http://trustedplaces.com/news/?p=28, posted (ahem) the same day.

These free Tuk Tuks are being laid on in central London until Saturday (24th) to promote The Darjeeling Limited, the new Wes Anderson film, out here on Friday. Mike was asked if he wanted a ride in one by the PR company, and he asked me along too, because he'd just seen and liked last week's Visit London film.

Wes Anderson is the guy who made Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic. In my eyes, he’s a bit of a genius.

I've stumbled on the daily posting for NaVloPoMo a little, but I'll catch up again. I am astonished at everyone else's stamina and creativity.

While I'm in the mode of pimping The Darjeeling Limited, you should check out the Fox Searchlight US site for it. It has a whole heap of videoblog posts from the production (no RSS feeds though). They haven't put them on the UK site (perhaps territorial rights related reasons, these things usually are).

Oh, the Tuk Tuks are owned by our driver, “Mr Steve” who realised he’d had enough of his career in recruitment when he hit 40, went to India, saw some Tuk Tuks, bought them, shipped them home, quit his job and started doing this. That was four years ago. He’s living the dream, and he seems very happy with it. His website is at tukshop.biz (a pun that even Robert Croma would be proud of)

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

11 thoughts on “Tuk Tuk!

  1. That was awesome!

    The police officer interview was great (good thing you didnt show his face what with his comments on the queen’s schedule).

    The shot of the random guy on a cell phone left me thinking “aw poor guy doesn’t have a video camera phone”, and the guy pointing a camera at you made me wonder if there’s another vlog out there you might be appearing on … (I guess this is how one thinks after 21 days of vlogging straight)

    Anyhow, great video – I’m not sure if I saw that much of London the last time I was actually there.

  2. No, you sucking your mobile phone, that was seriously the most brilliant thing ever! Then yourself hanging out of the thing all windswept, just before the leaves. And all the folk waving at you like you’re a celebrity! Loved this one, Rupert. Bravo. That was fun indeed.

  3. what do you mean, cheryl,AS IF he’s a celebrity!? 😉

    Wonderful tour of London makes me, yet again, want to go and visit… You should get paid by the tourist board!

  4. Tuk into that.

    I was in those streets on that very same wet day. I desperately needed a Tuk Tuk.

    That was one helluva tour. And free!

    First time I’ve every seen someone suck off a mobile phone.

  5. That was fantastic. A trip around London, great footage.
    And it was my first time seeing someone suck off their camera….who knew?
    Thanks for taking us along.

  6. You sucked on your phone!?!? ..*ahem* that’s hot.

    Awesome tour around and free none the less! I wonder if you hanging out the side caused the driver to have to compensate for the unbalanced weight in that little thing?

    Great vid 🙂

  7. The bongs, the bongs! Here in Brighton we have a tuktuk taxi service because we’re like, *that* bohemian, so your tuktuk antics didn’t impress me. Sucking the camera did though, big style!

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