hey mo’vloggers

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I forgot to say – you can upload tags remotely on Blip by putting in your email body the word tags, then a colon and then your tags, separated by commas or spaces. So an email with
Tags: movlog,twitter
in the email body will tag your post on blip with those words.
That was one of the points of this post. My baby distracted me with her filthy mouth.

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6 thoughts on “hey mo’vloggers

  1. My tag’s been ‘movlog’ for a year or so. Not gonna re-tag now, God forbid. And hey, I’m the Queen of movlogging, so… 🙂 Wow.

    And yes, your daughter is precious!

  2. 😀
    To see what it tasted like?
    Your guess is as good as mine!
    Maybe she thought it looked like Easter eggs… she’s been quite into those recently…

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