Abe Linkoln & Jimpunk rework my Anarchy In The UK

Brook Hinton just left a comment with a link to this post at Disco-nnect – by Abe Linkoln with guest remixers Jimpunk and Subculture.
I love it.
It’s an acoustic improvement on my Anarchy In The UK Vlog Deathmatch video.
Check it out:

Click to Play (Quicktime)

7 thoughts on “Abe Linkoln & Jimpunk rework my Anarchy In The UK

  1. Ok, the audio track – anarchy in the uk with a ukulele – was entertaining in and of itself, but adding rupert’s vocal impressions was too much and I was forced to laugh a lot. Very inspiring 🙂

  2. didnt care for the ukulele version as much as I did the original Rupert In The UK version. Now THAT one was pure fucking inspired genius. Best gut dang music video ever. How it didnt win that comp baffles me. Alls that was missing was Rupert gobbing on a copper to top it off.

    god save the queen, the fascist regime…we mean it man!!

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