Borders at The Witching Hour – Harry Potter 7

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My battery ran out a few seconds too soon, and then I forgot to post when I got back home last night. I’d had a little drink. Wish it had been posted straightaway, but I hope it’s a moment worth posting anyway. People are strange.

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10 thoughts on “Borders at The Witching Hour – Harry Potter 7

  1. I hate to be the dick that takes up a whole blog post in one comment but seeing this made me wonder a few things.

    The release of the iPhone here last month created similar scenes. Crazy. Its just a phone. Its just a book. What makes people act so strangely? I think we have become such a consumerist society, driven by ownership, trying to outdo each other by getting the latest and greatest before everyone else. It seems selfish and greedy to me. They’ll still be there in the morning.

    Ah but it gives them a sense of community, a sense of belonging you might say. And I might agree. But what happened to society that we feel the need to line up for hours with hundreds of strangers so we might feel connected in some way. What happened to friends? Family? Are those concepts just passe and bound to be superseded by whatever’s next? I know that most of my friends are virtual – twitter, blogs and forums – and that those social networks do give me a sense of connectedness. It feels a little sad though that real human companionship is on the decline in favour of transient object-driven associations.

    But I could be a total wanker and talking out of my arse. Not for the first time.
    Any thoughts?

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