No Soup For You!

Oh, Jesus. Now Kate and my friend Lucy are telling me that it seems like I’m some kind of monster who’s forcing Amy to recite this. It was actually that she said it spontaneously and then I pounced on her with my camera and then posted this video of my half naked daughter being coached to recite a stupid Seinfeld line. Which isn’t much better, I know. But now that people have commented, I can’t take it down. So you can see just what sort of father I am and make your own judgements… 😉


I just read it on Twitter and laughed and said it…

If you don’t know what this is about, see the Wikipedia entry on Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi episode.

9 thoughts on “No Soup For You!

  1. Isn’t it funny, when you say “what did you say?” and the kidlet sees the camera and won’t say it… my kids do that to me sometimes 😉

  2. Not a monster … more a deaf weirdo and what Amy really really wanted to say was “didn’t you fuckin hear me the first THREE times i said it for christs sake dad!!” … but then she’s just too well brought up for that … but just you wait till she learns to speak a bit better!!!!…….

  3. I did like that when you kept asking her, I could “feel” her saying in her head “I am going to make you look like an idiot dad”…they are smarter than you think, trust me..

  4. good job thats all she picked up from TV!

    You’ll be trying to brush her teeth next week when she’ll cry SERENITY NOW!!!

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