Lumiere: Amy makes a video

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The only thing she loves more than watching herself in my videos (“again! AGAIN!”) is holding my phone and looking at herself on the screen, thru the little low-res camera next to the screen.

The camera was glitching, which produces quite a nice effect. There’s no sound because this is a Lumiere.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you say that, people still say “Oh! I can’t hear anything.”

Just goes to show how pointless it is to write text on a videoblog. Why am I even writing this? You’re not reading it. I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die.

I’m loving the Lumieres that are being made all over the world. Hundreds of them. To browse them, visit

The rules are as follows. They mimic the conditions under which the Lumiere brothers made their movies in the late 1800s:

  • 60 seconds max.
  • Fixed camera
  • No audio
  • No zoom
  • No edit
  • No effects

Formats available: Third Generation Platform (.3gp)

4 thoughts on “Lumiere: Amy makes a video

  1. Very nice. She’s a vlog star waiting to happen!

    … I was all set to post a lumiere I made in Reno the other day, but as it turns out the video is material evidence of a crime I guess.

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