Lumiere: From the Scaffold

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We’re having our loft turned into a bedroom. Our house is enmeshed with scaffolding. I have mild intermittend Vertigo. Sometimes I totally freak out at heights. But it was too beautiful an evening to resist climbing the extremely wobbly ladder.

This video has no sound. It’s a Lumiere Rules video.

The rules are as follows. They mimic the conditions under which the Lumiere brothers made their movies in the late 1800s:

  • 60 seconds max.
  • Fixed camera
  • No audio
  • No zoom
  • No edit
  • No effects

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Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

6 thoughts on “Lumiere: From the Scaffold

  1. I love it. it’s really tantalizing. amy is a character in a silent movie. did you teach her to walk that way on purpose. I feel you twitch to follow the action and not. I like the twitch. i like the not. I like.
    ps – the clips never play straight from my email. I click, but nothing happens, i have to go to twitter. x

  2. Brilliant, Rupert. As usual. I love the restrictive possibilities of Lumiere. Must give a go myself soon to see what happens. I think I’m back, by the way…

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