WHO WHAT WHY – vlomo09 day 4

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  1. It’s called a “nosery hedge”…they are quite popular in Mexico and most South American village’s. They are also called “protruding hedges” because they stick out like from the other hedge’s. They are a sign of great fertility and fast cars or in the South American village’s fast boars who let children ride them….

    I am surprised that you did not know this Rupert…..

  2. I’ve only ever seen these in the Ukraine and some northern parts of Georgia where the privet is taking on a real cachet among the nouveau riche – representing the Edwardian England that they aspire to, rather crassly mixed with some primitive abstract expressionism.

  3. Oh my goodness that’s hilarious! I walked up this road just the other day and saw this hedge for the first time too. For a second I actually considered crossing the road because on approach I had a strange feeling that it might suck me up and fly me off into space….

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