I used this music on Vlomo Day 3 last year, too – but tongue in cheek, at the start of The Placenta Video.
I know it’s schmaltzy, but sometimes you find a piece of music which fits a video so perfectly that you just can’t not use it, even though your cheese alarm is waking people up three streets away.

iPhone video & podcast mp4 file

18 thoughts on “splitscreen

  1. Precious and seeing Mr Phil C an added bonus. The music makes you all and the UK feel so far away though. It is raining here today, so perhaps some of these drops drifted over from you all to say hello?

  2. Ru, this is AMAZING! We have a little resonance going I suppose. There are times when I see these moments. I don’t always record them on camera, but certainly record them in my mind. Amy, in her little cage. Phil ignoring, even leaning away. The way she tries at first to get his attention, then returns to her jumping, then eventually turns her back on the whole scene – a mini journey through several emotions. And you, the observer, just recording it. You capture all these things, simultaneously insignificant and significant. And you, yourself, a little cruel and extraordinarily loving all at once. And me the viewer, putting all this there.

  3. What I loved about Mike’s piece yesterday and this one, is seeing our friends as subjects of our art. I love Phil’s exaggerated gestures, made all the more poignant by the slomo. It feels very English and contemporary, not least because of the tramp-o-cage.

  4. great, now i look like i was ignoring amy. i want to add for the record that we had been playing ‘throwing the teddy over the top’ previous to this as ru was putting baby to bed. ;0

    i think you should have called this tunnel vision. i’ve never seen myself in slow motion, it’s interesting to watch the gestures and the authority in which i make them. i’m all jazz hands. 😉

    Lovely music.

  5. How wonderfully the music guides your eyes. Lovely video – good to have you back! The start of a second wave?

  6. thanks, everyone 🙂
    @rox yes, all rain comes from england
    @cheryl yes! it’s hard to hold still for even one minute with so much calling on you to react.
    @lloyd friends as art: why tuttle was so at home at the ICA
    @phil true! i have another video of you both playing sweetly. i don’t see you as ignoring her… you’re both absorbed passionately in your own adult/child worlds, and she stops to listen before going back to hers
    @lovelyliza every november is a second wave 😉 …the trick is maintaining momentum

  7. Ha, Phil, I did say I put all my interpretation there. The slow motion is a giveaway that this is just a few little moments. And I spent last week helping a friend edit her thesis for her MFA – she’s been making sculpture to express feelings repressed during childhood from growing up in a family whose members had some very serious dysfunction going on. Her story is coloring my interpretation of everything right now.

  8. Loved it. The way it’s all framed, slight slow motion and music.

    It all added to an ethereal and queerly emotive film. The music adds a detachment but it also amplifies that the subjects are joined together by an invisible thread. Happy to be engrossed in their own activities but aware of each others proximity.

    Great stuff.

    Thanks to everyone (and your players Phil and Amy) for sharing.

  9. i think amy is the physical manifestation of what Phil is discussing – he is obviously talking about something exciting. 🙂

    and i obviously live in the wrong part of the country…

  10. A truly wonderful observation ! i spend my day’s considering video quality, editing, formats SDI,HD blah,blah… this is a sharp reminder of the basics – 5 points

  11. yo mate me and lockwood are watching it and we’re rating it big time. lockwood says its the second best thing he’s ever seen. i know what you mean about the music but it’s still a great piece rudeboy

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