and it’s all real – vlomo09 day 6

The slowest series ever. In November 2007, I posted Part 1, arriving in San Francisco; in November 2008, I posted Videoblogging The Conversation; this year it’s Vertigo. And they were all shot in November 2006. Holy shitsticks, I’ve aged more in the last three years than this movie location has in the last 50!

Formats available: MPEG4 Podcast File (.mp4)

6 thoughts on “and it’s all real – vlomo09 day 6

  1. love it!! yeah I hope there are more of these. you gave away your secret with the ipod shot though – I’d been thinking you must have planned & memorized the scene locations out in advance. oh, I think he kissed her funny – all over the face like that – no wonder she ran away 😉

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