Fragments 002 – #Vlomo10 Day 3

A slideshow of fragments from my day today.

Shot on my iPod Touch and cut using Reeldirector app, in the car.

Also shot on Kate’s iPhone and edited in iMovie HD on my Mac.

for #vlomo10

H264 Podcast File

7 thoughts on “Fragments 002 – #Vlomo10 Day 3

  1. That’s the way to do it.

    *Someone I spoke to in China the other day said a five second video clip of a London street always looked so incredibly exotic to her. I assured her it also looks incredibly exotic to me, and I’ve lived here since the beginning of time.

  2. Tennessee Chicken & Ribs? And why were the tomatoes grilling with the sausages? The stuff in the cup looked tasty; I just can’t remember how to spell it.

    You can see what I focused on but it is on the long end of the day for me too.

  3. I really liked the bits and pieces of your day. I never thought of a short clip made that way before. Thanks so much!

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