Ancient Woodland – #Vlomo10 Day 9

9 thoughts on “Ancient Woodland – #Vlomo10 Day 9

  1. that was awesome – made me laugh. And an observation. I’m guessing these short little videos are pretty off-the-cuff for you – but you do them so well! My off-the-cuff videos are more like a small-town reporter – “Hi, I’m standing in the middle of a forest in Wales…”

    You turn the normal (ie., dude, I’m hiking in the woods) into a fun story, full of whispering, ancient woodlands, and goddesses. Great job!

  2. It is a crying shame that the ancient goddess in the ancient woodland couldn’t somehow get into the spirit of the primeval feeling and essence of the story. No ghosts?
    I laughed so much to see her put her head in her hand. I think she had one of those “Oh my god” moments that I have experienced so many times during his lifetime of my knowing the tale teller Rupert.
    Could it have been a baby dragons hole that we saw, after all you told us it was in Wales.
    Crazy man good job we love you!

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