Twittervlog: The Next Generation

I just found out it’s videoblogging week. Starting today. Usually I’m on top of these things. At least to begin with.

So here’s one I made last week, when I got my iPad2. The girls had just watched a video of Amy riding a donkey on holiday, and as soon as it finished and reverted to Camera mode, they wanted to make their own. They didn’t need instructions.

7 thoughts on “Twittervlog: The Next Generation

  1. Hello, my name is Jen. I live with Aaron and Mr. Petersen. I love my cat. Oh, and I love my husband too.


  2. OMG it’s three of them to videoblog now! Aaaaaaaaa…!!! 😉
    Excellent video, just love to see you after such a long time, and your girls have grown up so fast… Remembering Amy on your vids when she was just a little girl and look at her now. Keep it up, Ru!

  3. We just laughed and laughed til tears ran. They are SO lovely and SO funny. I can assure everyone commenting that they are as funny as this most of the time, especially the one whose name is Lila
    By the way, my name is Grandma and I am in bed with someone whose name is Grandpa.
    I was just picking up my emails when this popped up and now it is unlikely that I shall be able to sleep for laughing at those two little girls. We can only thank them for reminding us Will never forget their names now, . . . . . ever! Thanks Amy and Lila

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