I’m Bruce Willis (Moonlighting redub)

My favourite video anarchists at Wreck & Salvage have started the Mix & Match remix/mashup Group on Vimeo.

They’ve started by posting a track by Kevin Bewersdorf: “I’m Bruce Willis”. Great track – funny stuff – full of lines referencing Die Hard in silly ways.
“You can’t stop me / Roof of Nakatomi / People say they know me but those people don’t know me
I roll up in that limo / Kill all of them Euros
In that ventilation shaft shoot out that window…
I’m Bruce and yer nothin’!”

So I thought I’d get the ball rolling this morning, and knocked something up in 45 mins before breakfast – laying the track down over some scenes of Bruce singing in Moonlighting. Some tweaking, but serendipity did the rest.

You can watch it at:

And have a go yourselves. Mix anything. Or just post about other people’s work. I just posted links to two exceptional remixes about war that I saw today:
Robert Croma’s “Rules of Engagement
and Loiez’s “Shame

Original file (m4v/mp4)

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Country Colours & Remix

Shot, edited and sent with Nokia N93.

This was our last weekend in the English countryside before we emigrate. I wanted to capture and cut together some quiet little moments to take with me on my phone as a reminder.

But after it was done, I thought it could do with a bit of tightening to improve it. Maybe cut a few seconds here and there. So I opened up my phone and started fiddling. You know when you’re doodling or sketching, and you make something you’re vaguely pleased with, but then you just have to add one more line… and then another… and then another…?

Oh – and my last week in England is also the fourth annual Videoblogging Week. So I’ll be churning out my egocentric mobile rubbish every day this week! Hurray! To join in, just make a video every day this week and tag each video ‘videobloggingweek2008’ and post a link at: http://videobloggingweek2008.blogspot.com/

Original MP4 file

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