I’m Bruce Willis (Moonlighting redub)

My favourite video anarchists at Wreck & Salvage have started the Mix & Match remix/mashup Group on Vimeo.

They’ve started by posting a track by Kevin Bewersdorf: “I’m Bruce Willis”. Great track – funny stuff – full of lines referencing Die Hard in silly ways.
“You can’t stop me / Roof of Nakatomi / People say they know me but those people don’t know me
I roll up in that limo / Kill all of them Euros
In that ventilation shaft shoot out that window…
I’m Bruce and yer nothin’!”

So I thought I’d get the ball rolling this morning, and knocked something up in 45 mins before breakfast – laying the track down over some scenes of Bruce singing in Moonlighting. Some tweaking, but serendipity did the rest.

You can watch it at:

And have a go yourselves. Mix anything. Or just post about other people’s work. I just posted links to two exceptional remixes about war that I saw today:
Robert Croma’s “Rules of Engagement
and Loiez’s “Shame

Original file (m4v/mp4)

6 thoughts on “I’m Bruce Willis (Moonlighting redub)

  1. Oh dear lord! Yeah, that Cybill, she sure is pretty, but…

    Oddly I was seriously considering scoring me some vintage Moonlighting on DVD, then worried “what if it’s not as clever as I remember it?”

    if it were half as clever as this 48 minute remix, I’d add it to my Netflix queue in a heartbeat!

  2. Hi everyone
    I was on Bruces website for a couple of years.His site has been down for along time.Does enyone know if he has started it back up,My site name was twin and yes I look like him but I`m not his real twin..lol…Went to his B-day party in Vegas at the Golden Nugget where he performed 2 nights with his band the Accellorators.After the show he rented the night club Zakks where 100 members of the site partied with him.He was the coolest man I ever meet.Great memorys.Would love to chat with eny members that read this or if you read this Bruce write me a line.

    Thank you Rick.AKA Twin

  3. Hi again
    Cybill is a friend of my brothers,when I was living in Maui Cybill was at the house swimming and took a picture with my daughter,then signed it and it was sent to me.This was after I meet Bruce and sure makes me think it is a small world.I wanted to mention it since it is a moonlighting site.

    Thanks again Twin.. Have you huged you child today,they will love you for it.

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