Sorry for the interruption in service there…. it was rather hard to do any videoblogging with a broken N93 while trying to move house AND emigrate. I shot stuff every day for videoblogging week, but making the time to transfer clips & edit on my computer was out of the question. I’m lost without my in-phone editor! Cheryl Colan was also too busy to edit during vbweek, so we agreed on Twitter that we’d have our own delayed shot-during-vbweek-but-edited-later week sometime in May.

ANYWAY, I’M IN CANADA NOW! We just arrived last night. It’s incredible. Videos to come. I’ve also just been told that I’m one of the five finalists for the Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Awards, and they’re flying me to LA on Pangea Day, May 10th, to see the finalists judged by a celebrity panel. Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who rated and commented on my videos!


Right. I have to go explore my new town. See you soon 😀

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Country Colours & Remix

Shot, edited and sent with Nokia N93.

This was our last weekend in the English countryside before we emigrate. I wanted to capture and cut together some quiet little moments to take with me on my phone as a reminder.

But after it was done, I thought it could do with a bit of tightening to improve it. Maybe cut a few seconds here and there. So I opened up my phone and started fiddling. You know when you’re doodling or sketching, and you make something you’re vaguely pleased with, but then you just have to add one more line… and then another… and then another…?

Oh – and my last week in England is also the fourth annual Videoblogging Week. So I’ll be churning out my egocentric mobile rubbish every day this week! Hurray! To join in, just make a video every day this week and tag each video ‘videobloggingweek2008’ and post a link at: http://videobloggingweek2008.blogspot.com/

Original MP4 file

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