Sorry for the interruption in service there…. it was rather hard to do any videoblogging with a broken N93 while trying to move house AND emigrate. I shot stuff every day for videoblogging week, but making the time to transfer clips & edit on my computer was out of the question. I’m lost without my in-phone editor! Cheryl Colan was also too busy to edit during vbweek, so we agreed on Twitter that we’d have our own delayed shot-during-vbweek-but-edited-later week sometime in May.

ANYWAY, I’M IN CANADA NOW! We just arrived last night. It’s incredible. Videos to come. I’ve also just been told that I’m one of the five finalists for the Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Awards, and they’re flying me to LA on Pangea Day, May 10th, to see the finalists judged by a celebrity panel. Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who rated and commented on my videos!


Right. I have to go explore my new town. See you soon 😀

17 thoughts on “WOOO HOOOOOO

  1. cant wait to see footage of your new locale. Boy does Vancouver Island know what its in for…

    How did your little girl do with the long flight?

  2. The eagle has landed. Those new vids are being eagerly waited for. And the Nokia Awards! So richly deserved. A big congratulations and good luck for the finals. 🙂

  3. yaaaaaaaaay!

    OH rupert howe. glorious and free. oh rupert howe we stand in awe of thee.

    AND you stood your ground
    yes you did
    AND you’re in canada
    oh. yes. you are. oh.

  4. Not jealous. at all. 🙂

    Deserve it all matey. Congrats on the move. Look forward to seeing the videos from that side of the world. Sorry we never got to say bye, but i guess it was not really a bye anyway? – the world is flat. best of luck with the nokia contest. i’m pretty sure you have nailed it. you fit the “picture”

    Rock on. Send my best to the family.

  5. Thanks, everyone!
    Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye properly – or to meet you, Steve 🙂 And damn, Gogen – I wanted to make it to Croatia before I left Europe. Ho hum.
    @jeffrey make some noise for me!
    @mike that Canada video is just what i need!

  6. A-ha, thought I might find you here… ace news about the Nokia comp. Kate must love it that you’re off to LA a week after arriving in Canada… teehee. Hope it’s all going good. The sun has finally come out in London (I mean literally – that wasn’t a metaphor for it being good here now you’re gone. It’s not, everything’s fallen apart – just look at the mayor we have now). Good luck with the comp xxx

  7. So glad you made it to North America safe and sound! I’ll miss your wonderful videos of the UK, but look forward to seeing your new life in Canada. Hip hip hooray!

  8. congratulations with the nokia award finale! well deserved. hope they still have a N93 for you.
    all the best with the new home. looking forward for some videos then.
    cheers sam

  9. Hurray, Ru! You made it. May 10!! You’ll be in LA tomorrow and I can’t come see you. Rats!! Have an In-n-Out burger in memory of me, would you? Make video, too!

    I will try to post video from the remainder of Videoblogging Week 2008 before I leave for Indonesia next week, but I will probably be too busy prepping workshops and packing, so there may be no more video from me until end of May. Our poor vlogs, they do suffer.

    Congrats on Nokia – you will win!! Hugs! Kisses! Hope to see you soon, somewhere in North America.

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