Pangea Day – Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Awards in LA, Day One

Pangea Day, May 10 2008

Nokia have flown me to LA today for the Pangea Day Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Challenge, in which I’m one of five finalists.

Update: I didn’t win, Eduardo Cachucho did, but the event was extraordinary and they laid on untold luxuries for me, Kate and Amy. We had an amazing trip.

Pangea Day was the largest film festival ever – all around the world, people gathered to watch films chosen by the Pangea Day judges. Both in officially organised events in cities on each continent, and in thousands of small community-organised clusters. The idea of Pangea Day is to bring the world together through film. It was a TED funded project granted to Jehane Noujaim, director of the documentaries and Control Room.

The day before Pangea Day, I attended the Pangea Day Filmmakers Retreat, for which they flew dozens of emerging documentary makers to LA from around the world. It was a day of presentations from prestigious documentary makers and collaborative exercises, with group mentors. I had Matthew Modine as my mentor… So it was quite hard to resist doing my best Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Especially as the atmosphere was relatively humourless. 100 documentary makers. It was a bit like a pre-natal class. That kind of setup always presses my Naughty Boy button.

Anyway, it was a great experience. And it was all free.

Next Pangea Day – May 2010? They say they will try to do it every two years. It can only get bigger and better. Viva Pangea Day!

12 thoughts on “Pangea Day – Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Awards in LA, Day One

  1. I am going to need advanced warning from now on if you are going to have any shots that include the BC landscape in them. Homesick x20.

    Good luck in the contest 🙂

  2. I love how supportive Kate is. She’s planning for you to look after Amy so she can have a spa treatment on Saturday, while you’re consoling yourself after your loss!! Ouch! Good thing she loves you. 😀

  3. oh my god
    it’s true. it’s fucking narnia!
    you moved to fucking narnia!
    where the hell is that wardrobe?
    who cares what else happens. not I
    oh. except I DO think you should look after Amy while kate has a spa treatment. I expect video evidence.


  4. Great to have you here Rupert. I have loved seeing London through your eyes. Looking forward to seeing an immigrants view of our little valley. Enjoy LA

  5. congrats on the nomination! sorry u didn’t win but I saw your name and a quick clip on the show. was watching from jerusalem – they had quite a big segment about Israel & they had a few screenings here but I watched from home.

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