this was supposed to be a nice peaceful reflective Tea With Rupert

8 thoughts on “this was supposed to be a nice peaceful reflective Tea With Rupert

  1. BE the change you wish to see in this world (and dont let your tea stew in the process)
    Have a wicked, wild, awesome and fun filled holiday!

  2. Well, well… I don’t like web designing for others neither, but since you’d like to SHOOT and CUT I suggest you try hunting a bit. Shoot a deer and… cut it! I see you are already nicely equipped 🙂
    OK, regarding the gun… since I’m from the country which has seen a 5 year long war not so long ago… your scenes brought back some nasty memories… so I’ll comment no more… please, all of you watching – stay away from any kind of weapons, they never bring any good. And NEVER EVER point a gun in you, even if you are sure there are no bullets in it.

  3. Yeah, it was weird to find it and to remember a time when I was full of a sort of unreal movie-obsessed teenage naivety. It’s not a real gun, of course – you can’t get them here – just a blank firing replica. Which made me even more stupid for carrying it round… only now can I imagine the scene if I *had* been mugged, which of course I never was. Red light district turned out to be the safest place in Birmingham – the crims were busy in the richer parts of town 😉
    Anyway, I quite liked that I got cut off halfway through by my phone cutting out and my girls returning – I was about to go on to talk about gun control and gun crime here… serendipitous editing that lent the whole thing a totally different tone from what I started off with, and made me look like some kind of gun nut. When actually, 10-15 years later – as my sis quotes above – the Mahatma is my main man.

  4. Heh. When I saw the gun on the table I thought, “oooo! this is about to get a little surreal”. I imagined a midget walking in the room. I imagined a dream sequence. I imagined many many things…

    Then, your life intervened.

    Real life. It aint half bad 🙂

  5. glad the time out came – seeing someone i love so much point even a toy gun down his throat is not a joyous sight! why cant you have been influenced by christian slater as will scarlet instead of some total psycho!!!??? happy landings, increase the peace…. x

  6. i too though we were headed for something scripted when the gun came out. you know what they say, show a gun in act one, and it is going to go off in act three. i’m not disappointed, i liked where it went.

    have a wonderful holiday!


  7. You mad bastard Rupert. And I say that with the greatest of respect, and toungue firmly in cheek. When you panned over the kitchen table and we saw the gun it was a total trip. If you left it like that, unexplained, it would have been totally hilarious to freak everyone out. I love how having a girlfriend living in a red light district “sounded bad”, as if any of the rest of that scene SOUNDED GOOD!!

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