All right – enough my yakkin’ – back to business: let’s eat some dog poo

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Just a little moment – shot, cut and sent from my phone in the park just now.

For more animal fecal fun, see Gogen’s little kitty¬¨¬®‚Äö?тĆ

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14 thoughts on “All right – enough my yakkin’ – back to business: let’s eat some dog poo

  1. I love her little british accent, when she say “poo” it sounds so adorable…..enjoy these moments Rupert…..the quiet times with just you and your daughter….they really do grow up so fast…..sometimes it’s cool that it’s just me and Glenna now, but I have to admit sometimes I miss our kids….holding them……sigh….

    she said “poo”…. 😉

  2. Was she really advocating eating the dog poo? Or just trying to explain where it had gone because she couldn’t find it anymore. Either way, her shrieking, wild laughter and chase-leading has made my morning. I feel like I was there playing too. Thanks, Rupert.

  3. she is so much like Helene, ie she is such a three/four year old girl. the giggles, the running the LOGIC. we don’t touch dog poo. but no one has said anything about eating it… hmmm…

  4. oh joy! – i have all this to come. so excited about the idea of chasing my little ella around you cannot possibly understand! 🙂 – great vid.

  5. pure magic, these moments are treasure…a toddlers laugh is like penecilin, or some elixir….makes all the ills of the world seem insignificant.

    Dani has been in Atlanta this week so Gaige and I have been hanging out…great times. Good to be a videoblogger just because you always have a camera handy. Capturing these moments will be bitter sweet later in life, like Heath confirms, once these days are gone memories (and video clips) will be all thats left. Makes me sad already.

    Phil, it just keeps getting better and better…enjoy


  6. My son is 40; he’s still fascinated with poo. And all those who told you it just gets better were right.

    Thanks for signing my guestbook. May 2008 be better for everyone!

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