trip to the park for seasonal stress relief

9 thoughts on “trip to the park for seasonal stress relief

  1. Oh man…that would be exactly what I need to do right now to relieve some stress. No bike so the best I can do is take the lawnmower and go nuts on the leaves.

  2. Huh, we are not allowed to ride our bikes on grass in parks here 🙁
    The sound is amazing, really gives the feeling. One of better things in N93.

  3. Me and my friends where talking about going for walks in the wood tonight. We where all saying the best thing about the “UK” is that we get a spring and an autumn. This just makes me want to buy a dog and go walking through woode in a long jacket, a thick woolly scarf and a pair of woolly gloves. Fetch boy, Fetch!

  4. yay! beautiful beautiful beautiful.though I found it a bit stressful. I can never quite believe that the camera might be looking somewhere your eyes aren’t, and was waiting for you to crash into a tree/bin/policeman. jolly glad you didn’t. you have three eyes! that’s so cool.

  5. Ha!
    @daryl – lol 🙂 you’ll be like david essex in the video for A Winter’s Tale.
    @lucy – i like the idea of 3 eyes. i feel like that, sometimes. but while shooting the leaves, i was so transfixed by them that i almost rode into a fence.
    @gogen i think riding bikes anywhere in the park is not allowed, but no one seems to mind and our parks police don’t have guns.
    @croma 🙂 just trying to get back to posting (in)significant daily moments. that’s what it’s all about for me
    @davidhowell @philcampbell it’s right here waiting for you: – i hadn’t ridden a bike for 20 years (after an accident that led to hospital) until kate gave me this for my birthday. now i get rood boyz on the street givin me nuff reespec, and posh girls raise their sunglasses approvingly when i pass.

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