Late night desk envy and Video Ideas For NaVloPoMo

Two things:

Lauren’s “Video ideas for NaVloPoMo” is a great idea in itself.

You can see Valdez‘s attic here. You have been warned. I am not responsible for any night terrors or low self-esteem.

For contrast, see David Howell’s attic, posted on Day 1 of NaVloPoMo. But although that’s comforting in its chaos, it’s disturbing for entirely different reasons.

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10 thoughts on “Late night desk envy and Video Ideas For NaVloPoMo

  1. Remember, remember the fifth of November – now I want to go watch “V for Vendetta.” Yes! I got a glimpse of Rupert’s junk drawer! YES!! May I have some more, please? And yes, please show your work space. I am an other people’s desks junkie as well. Thanks Rupert. Just gave me the best laugh. Must steal video snippet “cheryl … she loves junk drawers.”

  2. I’ve been in this place just over a year.

    There’s a little bit of space on my desk to lay my wrists as I type this. The rest is covered with…well…I’m not really sure. Books and things, a computer, a scanner, bits of paper with stuff written on them. Some horribly official looking scraps which to me always seem best hidden beneath all the other crud. The rest are probably notes to myself which I leave everywhere and instantly forget about and thus lose.

    There’s a white anglepoise lamp from IKEA. There are knick knacks and photographs all strategically placed to my right which bring me great comfort, including a stone I was given as a gift from Findhorn beach in Scotland (and apparently illegal to remove! See Ian McEwan and Chesil Beach) which I periodically fondle for its gorgeous smoothness and sea sculpted history – a great reminder of just how insignificant we are in the great scheme of things. And a fan still sitting here from the summer and refusing to move. That’s an electric fan and not a groupie type hero worshiper, which I suppose is unfortunate for me.

    My walls in the room are bare. Everyday I look at them I desire to fill them with beauty, but alas they remain virginally white and tantalize me with suggestive looks: I’m naked, they say…caress me and dress me with nice things. My head is full of ideas for this blank canvas but there’s a universe between an idea and it’s execution. Meanwhile the dust gathers and I muffle all sneezes until further notice. One day I’ll get my act together…just you wait.

  3. I have always wanted to do what Aaron did to his desk. I can never get my shit together long enough to actually do it though. Thus…I am in an organized mess.

  4. Ummm, doesn’t drinking tea so late keep you awake even longer?
    I agree with Heath. I mean, c’mon… be more gentle to your beard, man! 🙂

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