Lullaby 2.0

A timeless bedtime/bathtime scene.

This was actually preceded by another scene in which she was crying uncontrollably, and I tried singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Row Row Row Your Boat, Five Little Ducks and Horsey Horsey to calm her down, to no avail. Then I had a moment of divine inspiration and started singing something which made her instantly flop in my lap, head back, still and calm… the Main Theme from Star Wars. Anybody looking through the window at us would’ve been forgiven for thinking that I was singing Ave Maria.

Not that she’s seen Star Wars. The only time she’s heard any of the music was in Car Going Fast film. Which was a bit of a favourite last week. So me singing the theme reminded her (a totally different part of the theme, though, so she’s pretty smart to pick it up). Next thing I knew, she was sitting on the loo demanding Car Going Fast. Watch on Loo, Daddy.

What am I doing to my family?

(other than turning them into light entertainment for you?)

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16 thoughts on “Lullaby 2.0

  1. okay…you need to seriously buy her one of those OLPC laptops so she can watch her own videos. let’s get her started now. unbelievable. Imagine the video she could make starting so young.

  2. I really feel sorry for people who never had star wars as an intergral part of their childhood. So in my eyes, your doing a great job. On a side note, there are so weird Americans on your yackpack, saying I have a cockney accent. This is freaking me out

  3. I’m only falling more and more in love with Amy. Play her the Star Wars music as often as she likes, and definitely watch them with her when she’s a bit older. She’ll be the only kid in the world who knew the music first as “Car Go Fast” music – try to vlog that, Rupert! The moment when she sees it in the Star Wars context.

  4. Man, Amy is your number one fan for sure.. Although it may be that she is wanting to re-watch as the suspense filled music is not taking her to a happy ever after.. Time for re-shoot? 🙂

  5. she is JUST like helene (she has faourite vlogs too!)

    helene’s most common demand though: “can i have the video with me in it?” alright then, dramaqueen!

  6. you totally have my sympathy. The things our kids make us do (and usually around bedtime too). It’s hard work but these are great memories.

    and it amazes me the ideas a toddlers “random memory retrieval program” can generate, you never quite know what fragmented memory they will recall at any given time

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