I don’t know how you all do it.

So many of you taking part in NaVloPoMo have been writing comments on my videos every day, so I know you’re watching – AND you’re making incredible films. Which is what it should be all about, I feel – I don’t want to just be making films here, I want to be watching and talking, responding and collaborating. But I haven’t been able to find the time to do that for days. So I’ve tried to steal a couple of hours this evening to watch videos.

I watched 5-10 films while the dinner was in the oven between 8 and 9. Then I watched a few more while Kate ordered our shopping online between 10 and 11.30.

And I still hadn’t made a film myself. In fact, I was so busy watching that I’d totally forgotten that I was even supposed to make one myself. Until 11.33pm. So this is the only option left to me! Really fulfilling what I said at the beginning of NaVloPoMo about just posting ANYTHING. You can’t even *see* this, the low light filming on my phone is so bad.

Anyway, the point is that I’m humbled by the talent and passion and generosity everybody’s showing by both creating and watching other people. And a bit frustrated at why I can’t get my shit together to do it better myself.

At some point, I want to try to share links to some of the videos I’ve watched. But there are dozens being posted for NaVloPoMo each day, and I’m days and days behind.

Now I’m really finally off to my bed on the floor. Kate and I usually hang out quite a lot in the evenings, so it felt a bit weird watching separate things in separate rooms. I wish I could both watch and hang with her. Perhaps I’m going to have to set up an Apple TV in our living room and drag her even further into our hell.

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14 thoughts on “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  1. Another gem! The perfect vlog post! (I can’t stop exclaiming!)

    And the bed!! Broken. And of course we all want to know how (well, I do)?! It’s so…well, romantic.

    I spilt tea over my keyboard when you chased Kate up the stairs. Just thirty minutes to midnight. But you’ve posted. You made it. The sign of a true vlogger.

    Tis a romantic comedy…for sure.

  2. What the heck do you mean you want to “create” something, you have been and this is brillant, it’s real, it’s random, it’s genuine, it’s funny, it’s perfect…free yourself Rupert, free yourelf from your self imposed bondage of perfection….just be in the moment, THAT’S what it is about, the communication, the conversation the tearing down of the barriers, that we have placed on ourselves….this is beautiful, all this it…you know what I will just vlog it! 😉

  3. LOL! Rupert does it again! True romantic hilarity at its finest.

    Rupert, don’t worry about catching up. Just start fresh tomorrow. There’s over half a month of great stuff to come.

  4. “And a bit frustrated at why I can‚àö‚â†t get my shit together to do it better myself.”

    You create your own reality and live by your own choices my friend.

  5. We were all wondering whether your conjugal relations were suffering with all this late night video watching. Now we know that all is alright…

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