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Another message from London’s underground tourist board.

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  1. Awesome stuff, Rupert. I’ve seen people try and ‘capture’ London with a lot of equipment and crew and fail miserably. And I’ve sat through acclaimed shorts at film festivals that don’t push as many buttons as your little voyage just did. Great work.

  2. Rupert Ow!

    Late night London has never looked more seductive. Although the near empty tube station at the end was very American Werewolf in London-ish. You were lucky a bashed knee was all you had to contend with. I hear the werewolves in West London are very unforgiving, especially of videobloggers.

    Oh and did you know there was a big yackpack meeting here at 2 this morning. I even threw my voice in for good measure (gasp). Spoke to Clintus, Lauren, Jay and Ryanne (amongst others). Was quite amazing and chaotic but highly recommended. I suffer now of course for having been at the computer at such a ridiculous hour of the morning.

  3. I love this film Ru. It was an ode to London in all its glitter, dirt and madness. The soundtrack alone conjures up more than the grand vistas and sweeping music of that terrible film I saw last night did..can you remind me why we’re leaving again??

  4. Excellent tour. I want to know more about the man with the bandage on his face. Also your friend looks like the Reverend from Deadwood. I love how it has that running around Trainspotting feel until you crash. It pretty much echoes how I feel at this age. Eventually you gotta go home, the fantasy of the endless party is no more.

  5. Oh, wow. I spent a total of three days in London when I was 18 – split between the start and end of a general month-long stay wandering around England, Scotland & Wales. You have no idea how many memories of those five days your video just brought back. I can remember someone hanging out the window of a third-floor flat and yelling “hey, come on up, it’s a party!” And spending hours trying to find the bookstore where Douglas Adams was signing books that day, but I never did find it – we didn’t have such a thing as Google maps at that point. Kept seeing “TO LET” signs for flats and misreading them as “toilet.” Took me awhile to figure that one out. U2 was playing at Wimbledon near the start of their Joshua Tree tour, but I couldn’t afford a ticket. Had my first legal beer in London. It’s such a nice place to visit. Kate, you’re leaving because it’s so incredibly expensive to live there.

  6. I absolutely loved this! My sister and I are planning a trip to London in 2008. Until then, I can travel through your lens. Thank you. Hope your knee is better.

  7. sometimes, ru, I really properly no dicking about think you are a genius. this is one of them.

    however. kate lives in the same house as you, and is communicating with you via the internet. this is slightly troubling.

    but I guess living with geniuses. geniei? geni? Jedis has its drawbacks.

    and a question – is it possible to make a whole movie and put it on the internet? (dear kate, if this is the worst question I’ve ever put to your husband, I’m so sorry. if you’re ever in need of actual company, I’m all and ever yours)

  8. This was great! I’m happy I found your vlog. Really interestingly awesome. I’m hoping to go to London in the next few months and I have never seen it shot like this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. excellent work. So good for so many reasons. Dont know how, your vids always make me homesick AND glad to be gone all at the same time. London, a crazy nightmare place man. Pure chaos. But compared to the lifeless Republican suburbia of Orange County, at least it has a pulse.

    Totally agree with the American Warewolf comment. Whenever I see TCR I always think of that film. I’ve damaged myself, drunkenly sliding down those escalators, more times than I care to remember.

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