Just film a moment and send it off. Stop dicking about and letting the side down.

It’s no wonder I’m behind with my posting. I’m spending too long doing my hair.

8 thoughts on “Just film a moment and send it off. Stop dicking about and letting the side down.

  1. oh, hurry up and give Amy her frothy milk already! this was wonderful Rupert. that song playing in the background – my mom used to sing it to me to wake me up, but I never learned it – I feel better for hearing it again.

  2. Your family is completely charming. And if anyone is going backwards its me. I’ve lost all power to edit. Not that I can’t be bothered – everything is broken!

  3. Just vlog it Rupert,just vlog it baby! Hey I thought mine sucked today and I did edit, heck I know what you mean, I can never leave well enough alone, “it could be sooo much better if I only did this….and this….and that….” ARGH…..I sometimes want to punch myself in the face and lord knows how many nights Glenna has gone to bed alone while I am editing…..sigh…..just vlog it baby!

  4. Kate is brilliant for not bailing you out. She’s also right that you have become obsessed about this daily thing. Let yourself off the hook man! Post as you can, when you can and we will enjoy.

    How well does goats milk froth? I thought the whole point of goats milk was that the fat molecules were smaller and therefore easier to digest. Doesn’t that affect the frothablity? Perhaps you can use up one of your desperate days this month with a foth-a-thon and entertain us all with the suspense.

  5. i can barely catch up with viewing, so don’t worry. when i come to your site. a see four or five at a time.
    10 second posts have made this all more manageable for me.

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