All Canadian

A ‘son et lumi‚àö?£re’ for British Columbia’s 150th Birthday today.

Shot on the dock behind the local halibut burger bar.

Everything about this, and about that sentence, is Canadian.

9 thoughts on “All Canadian

  1. All local halibut burger bars should have views like that. Very beautiful. Can’t wait to see those mountains in four months or so beneath the white of a proper winter. Now that we don’t get snow in England anymore we’re reduced to living vicariously through our embedded correspondents.

    Son et Lumi‚àö?†re is a child to be proud of.

  2. Oooh, man… just wait till the Queen sees this… you’ll be treated like a traitor and never be allowed to step on the island again!

  3. Dear Rupert,

    Halibut burger bar? As in fish patties with pickles, onions, mayo, tomato on a sesame seed bun? When you get a chance could you help this Cali-Yankie out and record a video of what this culinary creation looks like?

    I keep seeing something with flippers at the far end.

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