The placenta video

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  1. Absolutely brilliant! Journey to the Placenta of the Earth. And we saw the new born. And our hearts melted. And Kate looked radiant. And the Guinness looked gorgeous. And I’ve just realised I don’t have roots.

  2. Oh….



    Well now. Wasn’t that special. Yes. Yes I would say that you are Island hippies now. A placenta. A lilac tree. Kate celebrating with a Guinness. You’ve certainly covered all the bases in this one.

    *chuckle* I’m just kidding! That was great! Good on you for putting roots down. I have to say that I love your note on the fridge that says “I live here now”.

    To the both of you…”Yaaaay!!” ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Wonderful performances by all, including the beautiful placenta. And if that wispy little lilac tree is going to match the rapid growth of baby Lila it will certainly need special nourishment.

  4. Just amazing.

    I love that you had Guiness to celebrate!!!

    Don’t think I’ve ever been so broody ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for sharing

  5. Absolutely brilliant. I thought the Halloween one was good but this is just magical.

    Just remember your own words about not trying to raise the bar with every post, though. If you kill yourself making videos what will Kate and the girls do?

  6. @robert i was trying to think of a pun for the title, and gave up. i knew you’d deliver.

    @zn, gia, granny, whatleydude, sull, vikki, verdi, paul – thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ makes me inordinately happy to get so many great comments – particularly on a video i like so much myself. and at the vimeo group, too. better than getting paid.

    @david, mike and heath – as kate said, it’s amazing what we all notice and hear in the background of people’s videos – ‘it’s YOUR placenta’, and that ‘I Live Here Now’ card on the fridge – which is a promo card for Kate’s sister’s book, which was published the same week we emigrated.

    @michael thanks for the tip about not using the vimeo file link – I’ve changed the link, and now the podcast works fine.

    @frank YES! i’ve been working on another elaborate video for US election day today, but you’re right, i should take my own advice. it can wait. i’ll prime myself for a nice simple moment to share today.

  7. As a professional placenta-looker I must say that IS a fabulous looking placenta! Really perfect!

    Yup! You’re surely West-Coast hippies now!

    East-Coast hippies are grinding their placentas into powder, putting the placentadust into capsules and taking them daily. I draw the line at eating yourself. If women keep eating the placentas what will happen to the lilacs??

  8. what a great place to put her roots. at the highest point of the village and overlooking the mountains. no wonder she’s so happy! (i hope the bears leave it alone)

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