The Decisive Moment – VloMo08 Day 4

7 thoughts on “The Decisive Moment – VloMo08 Day 4

  1. It’s great to see this again. I’m American living in Yorkshire and was up celebrating on my own till the wee hours of the morning. If you’re wondering how I found your site, I was looking for evidence that I hadn’t dreamt that bizarre interview with Gore Vidal. I actually requested on Twitter that someone YouTube it. haha So thanks for both of these great memories.

  2. @michael @robert guilty as charged. typical bloody british ex-pat.
    @ilene hah! 🙂 i know, i had to rewatch several times myself. and congratulations! life as an american in england is about to get more enjoyable, i should think.

  3. What a moment! I was working! I had the tv in my rooms tuned to BBC for a change of perspective and was admitting a patient at the exact moment they called CA and WA! I was putting in her IV and she looked over my shoulder and said “that little blue box…does it say 273?” and I turned around and we both stared and stared, not believing it! She gave me leave to run into the hall and spread the news…the US stations hadn’t called it yet!

    She totally forgave me for leaving a tourniquet on her arm.


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