For everybody back home – VloMo Day 5

I was putting together a big elaborate post-election video… but in the comments to the Placenta video, Frank Carver reminded me to take my own advice: the key to success in posting every day for Videoblogging Month is to avoid ambition – don’t up the ante each day. Just carry your camera with you, capture a simple moment and share it.

And I’ve been really enjoying Elsie Escobar‘s VloMo videos – she’s recording her baby girl’s first few weeks. She made me realise: I have a videoblog, we’re thousands of miles from home, and I’ve hardly posted any video or pictures of Lila for all our family and friends. She’s seven weeks old and almost 14lbs already! So to start with, here’s 90 seconds from breakfast.

I love how all these VloMo videos and comments are creating responses and conversations.

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Shot on my Nokia N93 phone.

Formats Available: iPod/iPhone compatible MPEG4 (.m4v)

12 thoughts on “For everybody back home – VloMo Day 5

  1. My first smile from Lila and Amy’s confirmation that you miss us – a spirit lifting start to my day here far away and over the ocean. Love and kisses XXXX

  2. First I watch Clintus and his kids this morning, now you and your beautiful clan. Just loving these wonderful moments to start my day off!

    Such a wonderful feel good moment 🙂 I love it!

  3. All the crap I sometimes get for putting my daughters on my videoblog pales in the face of how much fun those videos are for our family. It’s definitely one the best things you can do with a videoblog.

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