Cumberland Snow – Son et Lumiere

for videoblogging week, day 6
lumière style videos are silent, 60 seconds long, with a fixed camera.
this breaks the silent rule, so i’ve called it a son et lumière.

i wanted to keep the crunch of the snow, the voices carrying in the crisp smoky air. this is really just a postcard to myself, to remind me what it was like to live in Cumberland in the snow.

iPhone / iPod compatible file

5 thoughts on “Cumberland Snow – Son et Lumiere

  1. yup.. i prefer lumiere with sound, especially ones like this. idea of the silent movie has always been a fiction for me anyway, they had piano players even in ‘dem early days..

  2. Beautiful, and what a hardy lot those Canadians are, if it snowed like that in NZ in my town you sure wouldn’t see people cycling!

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