Meeting Up With Tim D from Reality Sandwich

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For you map freaks out there, the locations in this video are:

Turnham Green Station (Map)

Leon, Ludgate Circus (MapWebsite)

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13 thoughts on “Meeting Up With Tim D from Reality Sandwich

  1. Green Chuck Taylors? I saw them! Have you got an endless supply in different colors? I’m glad your bike was still there. Someday you must tell me how to get past the reservations caused by everyone looking at you like you’re crazy as you vlog like mad with your little phone.

  2. aahh….having homesick flashbacks of the London Underground…Queensbury (Jubilee Line) to Wembley Junction (Metropolitan Line) to Baker Street. Did that route for like 20 years…Thats the first time I have seen a tube train in almost 6 years. yeah they smell like piss. Yeah there were often drunk irishmen or football hooligans that wanted to kick my head in. Yeah I had to walk home in blizzard snow because the last Jubilee Line out of Wembley had been cancelled more times than I care to remember…but it was so easy to get around. I really miss public transport.

    also liked the black phone box, is that a new thing or had it been burned 🙂

  3. oh, and the toilet scene reminded me of this quote…

    “I fuck asses”
    “Who fucks asses”
    “Maybe HE fucks asses”
    “Maybe he wrote this in a moment of drunken sincerity”
    “I am in considerable danger in here. i must leave immediately”

  4. Thank goodness your bike was still there.

    Also, my fireant doesn’t seem to like your feed. Have you heard this from anyone else? Can’t parse it . . . so it says. Anyway, I’d love to aggregate you. Let me know if you have any tips.


  5. A view to a kill… wow, that was amazing! And the scene in that toilet… I must admit… at one point I got scared what will happen next… but thank you for keeping the video decent, LOL!

  6. ok– QT and flash videos botehr work just fine at work (IE on a PC) but still, my Powerbook is unhappy with your videos in Firefox. I click the picture, the “screen” w/controls pops up for a second, then disappears and leaves a plain white emptiness while the sound plays on.

    It’s not restricted to this one video, it’s all of them, so something must be weird on my end.

    Works fine in Safari, but not with my Firefox.


  7. MissB, it sounds like your Firefox is not aware of QuickTime or Flash or something. I think the Firefox web site will help you troubleshoot… might need to reinstall it?

  8. I finally know what the inside of a men’s toilet looks like!

    On a serious note – who knew you could have some much fun in a foreign city with someone you just met?! It was really awesome meeting you in person and hanging out on Wednesday. I hope we can do it again sometime, maybe on my turf next. Glad your bike was in one piece.

  9. Nice bike! I’m a mad biker. So, I just love to people with passion for biking. Looks like a Schwinn Cruiser with retro seat and styling. I didn’t know they sold Schwinns there. Guess I shouldn’t be suprised. Multi-speed?

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