Amazing Rainbows! London Says Goodbye As We Emigrate

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I hope this rainbow brightens people’s days all over the world. Please share this with any of your family or friends who’d appreciate a little magic in their day 🙂

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Of the 200 or so films that I’ve made with my phone in the last year, I think this is the one I like the most.

We went on our favorite London walk for the last time yesterday with our friend Lucy – along the River Thames at Hammersmith.

In two and a half weeks, we’re moving to Canada.

So I started filming a plane in the clouds with my phone, thinking about making a video about us leaving, and suddenly something magical happened…

…and kept on happening! Instead of fading, they got brighter, and more intense!

In mythology, religion, art, literature, music and film, the Rainbow is a powerful symbol – a sign of hope and life and new beginnings.

I grew up in Christian boarding schools, so usually the first thing I think of when I see a rainbow is the rainbow that God sends Noah after the great flood in Genesis:

“And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.”

Yeah. It’s either that or The Wizard Of Oz.

See you on the other side 🙂

16 thoughts on “Amazing Rainbows! London Says Goodbye As We Emigrate

  1. Brilliant, Ru! You reminded me of being in Australia – there was one day when the air was so full of tiny water droplets that when a huge rainbow formed, it immediately diffused over and over again, which created a *white* rainbow. I’ve never seen such a thing. And of course had no camera with me. But I’ll never forget it.

  2. how amazing and weird. yeah, i’ve never even heard of such a thing. maybe a camera wouldn’t even have picked up the beauty of a white rainbow. what is it about rainbows…? i guess we all get to be 2 years old and amazed by the world for just a second, like Amy.

  3. Sing a Rainbow! Ohmigoodness I was singing it in my head as I watched the video then suddenly we were all singing together!

    A perfect magical moment. It’s true: rainbows make you giggle and feel as carefree as a two-year-old.

  4. a very beautiful moment captured for all time…Here’s to new beginnings….it’s funny you post this today on the day I officially start my new wordpress vlog….maybe it’s a sign 😉

  5. Rainbows and new beginnings seem to go together. It’s definitely a positive sign. You will enjoy Canada, we travel there every so often. Recently spent a week discovering Montreal and Quebec last Spring. Best of luck on your adventure.

  6. @jen & @mike 🙂
    @missb kate used to do a show about peggy lee in which she sang it – it’s an old fave in our house
    @heath here’s to new homes, real and virtual
    @jim thanks – i’ve never been east – hope to do so this year sometime
    @beth i love that. that’s pretty much how it is. good sign for any vlog post if it plays like that without sound.
    @jimmy this is the final stretch of the Boat Race, from hammersmith bridge to barnes bridge. this corner, where i’m standing, is where the race is often psychologically won or lost. be cool if you were winning the Boat Race and you looked up to see a rainbow like this 🙂

  7. Ran across many a field as a boy trying to reach the end of one of those. I think I’m still running…

    What a beautiful moment to put in the world. Imagine Amy in years to come peering back with the help of these magical little gems . A memory box of sparkling diamonds. 🙂

    *I’m sure I know Lucy from somewhere? Trying to remember…(Actor? South London? Hmmmmm.)

  8. I know, it’s nice to think she’ll be able to peer back and see all these moments from before she can remember. On a slightly darker note, I also like to think that if I got hit by a truck tomorrow, she’d still be able to get to know her dad a little… 🙂

  9. hi, I am a strolling mate from Bulgaria. Cannot get it why do you need to emigrate away from London? Dont you know its freezing cold in Canada 🙂 ?

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