Shot with the in-camera time-lapse setting on the Canon IXUS 860.

Roadrunner, by Gurdonark, via

9 thoughts on “Ripen

  1. I love the cat too… that’s very pretty generally. You seem to actually be having summer there by the looks of it, which is not really the case in London… What’s the music though? I have images of you having created it on your own synth…

  2. @robert then the inspiration is reciprocal. perhaps we have created a perpetual motion machine. and yes, it *is* the summer of vlog. i can smell it.

    @krystian easier with a camera that does it – either super 8 or a Canon Ixus. but here’s a tutorial by Cheryl on how to do it easily in iMovie 06.
    for the benefit of others, i feel – something tells me that you of all people don’t need schooling in effects… 😉

    @cheryl thank you 🙂 i’ve been waiting for ages for something that would work with Gurdonark’s tunes. they are a fantastic fusion of nature and technology. i hear a lot of him at sam renseiw’s

    @lifeinHD Ha! 😀 thanks! through your link I found your HD sketches of Detroit life, and subscribed. simple moments in HD – nice. and twittervlog is named after twitter, because it started out as an experiment in posting from my phone to my blog and getting twitter to autoupdate, so people could watch things just after they happened and respond.

    @gogen @lize the weird thing is, we’ve been adopted by one stay cat, Sunny, but there are two in the video. Sunny obviously gets her friends round to party when we’re inside.
    … and lize, if you’d watched to the last frame… 😉

  3. I don’t normally copy comments across from one place to another, but this is a comment gurdonark left on YouTube:

    “We all live in time-lapse photography of a sort, with memory providing a more reliable and less reliable function than the sound card/film media.

    Yet it requires a time-lapse video to remind us how we live in flux, in a process, in a setting that changes all around us, all the time.

    I love the way the tree is the focal point of the piece, leaving the human scurrying the puzzle and added attraction.

    Thank you so much for including “Roadrunner” in your fun. I love this use of my music!”

  4. ah, that serves me right for not paying attention. It works very well – I am relieved to discover you haven’t started making your own music too though, that would be too much creativity from one person in too little time. xe

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