One Minute Sunny

I like lumière videos. I like setting up a frame, as if taking a still picture, and then letting the camera roll for 60 seconds to see what happens within the frame. Often, something serendipitous will happen within the composition and within the allotted time.But lumière videos are silent, and I’m a big fan of videos with natural soundtrack.

Like Ryanne (and Jay)’s films, cut simply together, each clip with its natural background hum. There’s something very moving about the short rhythmic pulse of these sounds and images together.

I shot this one as a lumière , but it’d be half as good without its natural soundtrack. So I’m calling this a ‘son et lumière ‘ 😉
(I used to love these, before irony)

Shot with the in-camera ‘Color Accent’ setting on the Canon IXUS 860, which allows you to sample a colour and turn everything else black and white.

14 thoughts on “One Minute Sunny

  1. you’re possessed with bringing us posts!

    Really cool to see how animals react to new objects when no-ones around, your lucky he didn’t try to mark his territory, or the recent flood of entries would come to an abrupt stop 🙂

  2. Nice.

    I’m not a fan of lumi‚àö?£re videos simply because of the lack of audio. This though…I really like. Fixed camera, no editing, 60 seconds, *with* audio.

  3. Thanks fellas.

    @kmog you’re right. i am possessed. next video will be of me twisting my head 360‚Äö?†¬¥

    @erik i never expected to be a cat vlogger. this one won’t stay out of shot.

    @david i’ve been meaning to post more of these. i have so many in my archives which don’t work nearly as well when silent – and equally some that do. had a brief exchange about this early on in the lumi‚àö?£re project with brittany. i was calling them ‘moving snapshots’ but that seemed wrong. i think i’ll be tagging them sonetlumiere for fun.

    @kerry i am always shocked by how difficult i find it to just sit and look at 60 seconds of the world. you’re right, though, it can be very calming.

  4. I realise it’s strange to write a comment when i’m in the same house. But i love this video. The way the cat appears from the grass and stalks the camera. It’s like being on safari in our backyard. x

  5. Well Kate, if I lived in Rupert’s house I’d leave a comment too. I don’t, obviously (well, not yet), but I’ll leave one nonetheless.

    I’m open to all types of video/film presentation. I love to see it all. Lumiere with or without sound can be as affecting to me either way. This one’s a gem. You bring us great beauty from the little Canon IXUS 860. You show how it’s done. And I love cats.

  6. Yes! Yes! Vids with cats! Thank you, oh, thank you for this lovely moment! With or without sound, as long as there’s fur on four paws!

  7. I love cats so I’m biased. But this is great beyond cats I reckon – the way she walks dead centre towards the camera, the black-and-white with the red tints (how’d you do that, is it some camera setting?), and then the sound too… all ace. A great moment’s respite from work for me.

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