Immigrant Video Diary – Episode 2: “(Nothing But) Flowers”

One of the things that excited Kate most about coming here was the idea of learning to garden, to have her own vegetable patch.

The topsoil here isn't so good, and would need more added – and it was important to Katie that she should do it all herself. And she was 7 months pregnant, so didn't feel much like digging and turning a big bed. So she built a raised bed.

She used the shipping boxes from our move as a base (they'll rot away), then covered that with compost and cut grass left by the previous owners of our house.

Then she bought organic soil and manure in big plastic bags – not the greenest solution – but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Turns out she's got green fingers.

The video that Katie mentions is here:

“This was a discount store,
Now it’s turned into a cornfield”

17 thoughts on “Immigrant Video Diary – Episode 2: “(Nothing But) Flowers”

  1. Next time plant more rows of corn. I think you need at least 10 rows, though I’m no expert. I just know the rows at the outer edges don’t do as well as the inner ones. Maybe that’s just out here in the desert, where anything that gets shade does better than something that gets no shade.

    Well done, Kate! Not stopped by lack of trowel. I shall send you my used kitchen knives!

  2. Absolutely perfect performance by your Mrs! Sounded like a true gardening documentary, really! The cat, again, was a very welcomed detail, thank you, and considering your neighbor’s video a few days ago… no wonder people scream around back there 🙂
    (that’s a joke, ok?)
    Thanks for this!

  3. Salad it is then. Kate, you’re a true inspiration. That bed looked magnificent. And I love the way you’ve told the story over a longer period of time.

    Rupert, you’re going to have to sit on the porch with a gun and watch over your livestock. I’ve heard cougars take no prisoners.

  4. That was great! My mom does organic gardening, I should show this to her. That was funny, the bit about not yapping it up vlog-style. I’m sure Ryanne will get a kick out of this!

  5. Thanks guys 🙂
    Did you notice the way she suddenly started liking the camera? She’s a natural. You should see her on stage. As the London Evening Standard said, “She fascinates as a performer . . . as comfortable as your best friend, as sexually complex as a Marlene Dietrich.”
    Wait – what did they mean by that?
    Anyway, I think she should have her own show. Or at least present more stuff here.

  6. I love how Kate pronounces, “Laborious”.
    I love how Rupert says, “mucking about”.
    never thought i had the american jealousy for an english accent.

    the garden looks great. I was alos amazed at how quickly and easily things grow.
    other than watering and a little weeding, gardens are pretty stress free.
    just eat!

    it’s advised to plan a five year garden.
    each year, it’ll get bigger and more comprehensive.

  7. Kate – you’re a natural! and how FAB do you look at 8 months! unbelievable!

    i love your raised garden, might try that next year. we went for raspberries this year and got LOADS (only planter them last spring…)

  8. We’ve got crap soil here, too, and I never thought of doing a raised bed. Kate – you’ve inspired me! Right now we have two monstrous tomato plants in a bushel basket that may grow legs at any moment. I am on constant watch. If anything crazy happens, I’ll film it.

  9. seriously one of your best works. And a stellar performance by Kate. Hilarious that the 7 months pregnant woman is doing the gardening whilst Rupert wields the camera. Using the kitchen knife. Total comedy.

    Then the whole show derails as the local axe murderer is doing the rounds in the neigborhood. Life on the island is just so surreal.

    But the fruits of your labour look splendid. Good home grown veggies. My dad grew all kinds of veg in our garden when I was a lad, including corn on the cob. Lovely.

    PS. did you know there is 5 mins of black at the end of this?

  10. Wow! Kate is a hell of a gardener! I thought I was doing myself a favor by re-digging the veggie plot that the previous owners left behind (digging up sod/weeds/baby trees is no fun even when your not pregnant) but now I see the light! I SO should have gone with raised! And with a kitchen knife, no less!!

    Kate, you’re my hero!

    (very curious about how the corn turns out)

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